What’s the Story?

Beside our gorgeous, spicy, succulent tastiness, what makes Kearns Kearns?

Work away to find a whole load of tidbits all about us… or as we say in Dublin, “C’mere to me, and Oi’ll tell ya!”


No kidding, it was a momentous year in our human history -
so let’s fill you in on a few key happenings.

1905 Events

From that year, Dublin would never look back, so. Lads and ladies forever running up and down the rain-washed cobbled streets of Dublin with their Kearns wrapped up in brown paper and string. Sausages shooting all over the city by tram, horse and bicycles. The Dublin coddle - our old favourite stew of sausages, bacon and potatoes goes all spicy and gorgeous suddenly, now the Kearns are in it.

Dublin, forever more united with the tasty, sausagey succulence of Kearns. Now that’s history in the making.

Hear's that Sizzle

Kearn radio ad

Maybe it’s because we’re such a musical nation that some say the sizzle makes the sausage. Others say don’t they only know the sound of Kearns a-cooking? And for the real sticklers, there’s only one sizzle they’ll ever have in the house - the sound that says any minute now there’ll be some punchy, peppery yummies right there on your plate. Whatever the depth of obsession, it seems like Kearns are Dublin’s favourite sizzle day after day. And here it is, to treat those finely tuned taste buds, and get you thinking how ssssssseriously deh-licious life can be…

Click play to hear the Kearns Sizzle!

Spicing It Up@2x

Who doesn’t love a bit of spice in their lives? Go on, we know you do. So our master butchers have asked us to assure you that we take that extra bit of bite everso seriously - to make our sausages everso tasty. It’s from a special blend of spices that’s handed all the way down from each one of our sausage-makers to the next, and means that there cheeky, peppery pop of flavour can - and will - only ever, be a Kearns sausage. So there you are, now.

Sausage on fork