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Dubliners beware! Careless talk costs sausages!

So be careful now who you tell about those special spicy, succulent, gorgeous things you’ve been frying up in your pans across the generations. Who knows...if the truth gets out, folk from all over the country will start demanding the Kearns - all over the world, even! And then where will you be on the sausage front?

Look it, it’s never easy to keep the best secrets, and we know you want to share, but for the sake of your families, for the sake of your sausages, commit this message to memory, then probably EAT IT…

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Our Aul’ Sausages

Savage, deadly and fierce tasty. It all means the same when us Dubliners talk about our beloved sausages and favourite sizzle - the ones we’ve been eating for years.

Ab-so-loootely delicious, we’re tellin’ ya! Whether it’s the Regular or the Jumbo, every pack packs a  punch well above its weight.

What’s the Story?

Beside our gorgeous, spicy, succulent tastiness, what makes Kearns Kearns?

Work away to find a whole load of tidbits all about us… or as we say in Dublin, “C’mere to me, and Oi’ll tell ya!”

What's the Story

What’s Cooking, Lads?

Yummmmmm! We’re not gonna lie to you, we're beside ourselves with these recipes.

Sunday morning fries, or tasty tea-times, cobblers for gobblers and masterful mash-ups, here’s a wagon of different ways to make it a cracking Kearns day that’s full of that punch-packing, spicy sausage flavour….

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